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If you’re not completely satisfied, first we’d like an opportunity to make it right. Once we get that taken care of we will then reduce our fees as a token apology for your inconvenience or if necessary we simply won’t bill you. Life SafetyPro HQ® provides this guarantee to reduce your concerns about receiving a quality product that you expect and deserve. Our success is related to customer loyalty. Gaining loyalty begins with being; honest, trustworthy and reliable.


If the product still doesn’t meet your satisfaction we will pay for a vendor of your choice to get it right.  By the way, we’ve never had to pay another vendor to do that. How many of our competitors do you suppose can match that kind of guarantee?!

**Due to a no compete agreement, expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January  1,  2022. 

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safety manual


Q: Why should I consider Life SafetyPro HQ for my written plans?

A: Unlike others that offer cookie-cutter or online fill-in-blanks, everything we develop is site and risk-specific and built specifically for your company and safety culture.

Q: How else can you assist my company once the written plans are in place?

A: We don’t just build a plan for you and walk away. We also assist you with effective strategies for implementing each plan.

Q: Are there additional fees to assist us in implementing our plans?

A: We are competitively priced, however, you will get additional no-cost support that includes; implementation strategies, forms, spreadsheets, etc.

Q: There have been a few times when my business relationship with a vendor really didn’t go very well. What are your thoughts on that?

A: We believe in a partnership that embraces honesty, integrity, loyalty and hard work.  We simply do what we signed up to do. No broken promises.

Q: Are your plans OSHA compliant and how are we going to keep them current?

A: Our plans provide an up-to-date analysis of OSHA regulations as they related to your specific plans. We provide annual updates for a very small fee.

Q: What’s required by OSHA in the development of a written plan?

A: We adhere to OSHA recommendations that each OSHA required written plan includes the following basic elements:

  1. Policy / goals statement
  2. List of responsible persons including an RSO (Responsible Safety Officer)
  3. Hazard identification
  4. Hazard controls and safe practices
  5. Emergency and accident response
  6. Employee training and communication
  7. Recordkeeping

Q: How do your written plans compare to any other vendor product?

A: Each written plan is technically sound, grammatically correct, succinct and effective. You’re not going to get a 100-page document that no one will read, understand or implement.

emergency evacuation map


Q: Why should I consider Life SafetyPro HQ for the development of my building evacuation maps

A: We can convert your CAD files, PDF files or hand-drawn site floor maps into full-color, clear and effective building emergency evacuation maps.

Q: What if I don’t have anything to work from?

A: If none of the above files/documents are available we can assist you in walking through your site(s) and drawing up your building evacuation maps then convert them to PDF files and ultimately to a final product.  Each map will blend within your existing or pending written Emergency Action Plan showing among other things your assembly areas, directional compass graphic, icon(s), in-house emergency phone number or 9-1-1, symbol legend, etc.

Q: Will the maps you produce meet local fire codes?

A: You receive Fire Code compliant maps that are clear, concise and simple to understand and follow.

Q: Can you give me more information on your maps?

A: Absolutely. Additional details as follows:

  1. Each plan shows “You Are Here” location
  2. Each will have site-specific emergency information
  3. Each plan is rotated to the viewer’s perspective to decrease confusion even when under the stress of an emergency building evacuation
  4. All plans are laser printed and will not fade out over time
  5. Plans are guaranteed to meet National First Prevention Association  Standards (NFPA) as well as Local and State Fire codes
  6. Plans include off-color shading of areas which are not primary exit routes (rooms, workstations, etc.)
  7. Exit paths will stand out from the rest of the building for easy visibility and understanding on each map display
  8. Plans will be framed in heavy-duty aluminum gallery-type frames – your choice of 15 colors
  9. Frames have an acrylic cover (not glass) to prevent shattering
  10. Frames are re-usable so you can update the displays without having to repurchase frames
  11. Plans are securely kept on file for future updates

emergency AED


Q: Why should I consider Life SafetyPro HQ for the development and support of an Emergency Response Team (ERT) / Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT)?

A: With three decades of experience in the development of an effective and functional ERT / MERT infrastructure Life SafetyPro, HQ will provide strategies and related tools to build, retain and manage your response team.

Here’s a snap-shot:

  1. Control Methods: forms, spreadsheets, and templates for team management
  2. Core training titles and ongoing skills training titles
  3. Team member activation and deactivation procedures
  4. ERT/MERT orientation booklet development
  5. ERT/MERT saturation strategies – just how many response team members are really needed?
  6. Manager/supervisor team member approval form
  7. Recruitment and retention strategies
  8. The right type and amount of response equipment, supplies, and restocking procedures
  9. Incident notification methods – so your team know the 5 W’s – What, Who, Why, When, Where
  10. Emergency response procedures for anticipated incidents specific to your site
  11. Team member selection approval form
  12. Various checklists and forms to manage your ERT/MERT infrastructure

Q: What is the difference between ERT / MERT?

A: They are often interchanged, however, most commonly an ERT comes in two forms.

ERT 1 – Typical training titles include basic emergency medical skills and selected safety related response skills. Additional training would be needed based on your company risks such as; lasers, hazardous materials, etc. The typical training titles below can be mixed, added to or deleted from again based on your site risks, budget, and available time for training, etc.

  1. Active Shooter Primer (workplace violence)
  2. Basic CPR/AED/First Aid
  3. Bloodborne Pathogens
  4. Building Evacuation Training
  5. Fire Extinguisher
  6. Incident Command System
  7. Leadership skills
  8. Natural Disaster Preparedness
  9. Response Equipment & Supplies
  10. Scene Management
  11. Team Communications
  12. Triage

ERT 2 – Hazardous Materials response training including basic emergency medical skills. Typical training titles may include but not limited to: (again, based on your site risks):

  1. Basic emergency medical skills – CPR/AED/First Aid
  2. Compressed Gases
  3. Containment and Decontamination
  4. Fit Testing
  5. General Chemical Safety
  6. Identification
  7. Incident Command
  8. Incident Response Procedures
  9. Personal Protection Equipment
  10. Respiratory Protection
  11. Self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA)
  12. Toxicology

MERT – provides more advanced emergency medical skills (prerequisite is basic CPR/AED/First Aid training). Typical training includes:

  1. Airway / Breathing / Circulation
  2. Abdominal Emergencies
  3. Bloodborne Pathogens
  4. Burn Injuries
  5. Chest Trauma
  6. Communications
  7. Control of Bleeding
  8. Diabetes
  9. Dizziness
  10. Drug Overdoses
  11. Electrical Injuries
  12. Fainting
  13. Head, Neck, Spine, Arm and Leg Trauma
  14. Heart Attack
  15. How to check vital signs; breathing, pulse, blood pressure
  16. Poisoning
  17. A primer on Active Shooter
  18. Psychiatric
  19. Response Equipment and Supplies
  20. Seizures
  21. Stroke
  22. Team response on CPR/AED (rapid review)

respirator mask


Q: Why should I consider Life SafetyPro HQ for this testing?

A: Respirator Protection is one of the top 10 most cited OSHA violations. Our product is specifically designed to make compliance effortless, at a price our competitors simply can’t beat. Plus, going paperless with Life SafetyPro HQ ensures that medical document storage is instantly HIPAA and OSHA compliant. Don’t be delayed and frustrated by waiting for your clearances. Let us show you how simple this process can be.

Q: Can you tell me more regarding OSHA compliance?

A: Respirator Clearance forms must be evaluated by a physician or licensed healthcare provider (PLHCP) who is capable of independently practicing medicine. Our clearance program is evaluated by a medical director who oversees each evaluation. The evaluation has detailed questions based on each individual responses. As a result, our customers receive a physician-level evaluation of every form summited.

Q: Are there other advantages of utilizing your product?

A: Yes, there are several. The logistics of getting employees cleared for work can be time-consuming and frustrating. Our customers depend on our product to make their jobs run smoothly, simply and effectively. Time is often wasted on scheduling medical evaluations at a local clinic.  Your employees have to go off-site for their testing and often wait to be seen and evaluated and then of course return to work. Lost time, lost production, lost money. We provide convenient, lightning fast evaluations that are compliant, simple and built specifically for you.

Q: Are there any fees to set up my company account?

A: No, you just pay for what you use. There are no monthly or hidden fees. We set up your account within a few minutes. You’ll be able to log-in with your own personal log-in and password. As an administrator, you can pre-fill difficult questions like respirator type so your employees can breeze through the medical evaluation form.

Q: Is there any way I check it out? I’d like to get a feel for how effective this can be? And what if I need any sort of help?

A: Yes there is. Contact us at (800)-583-9992 or click to email us and we will provide you access to our demo site so you can take a test drive. Simple… We are available Monday – Friday, 8:30a – 5:00p PST to assist you. The nice thing is that it’s quick and easy to use our product and our administrative tools available will allow you to run reports and employee evaluation history anytime you’d like.

**Due to a no compete agreement expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January 2022.


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**Due to a no compete agreement, expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January  1,  2022.