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Emergency Response Team Development

Life SafetyPro HQ provides expert consultation for the development and retention of your Emergency Response Team/Medical Emergency Response Team and provides a multitude of effective strategies and management tools.

**Due to a no compete agreement expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January 1, 2022. 


Typical cost:  $750.00 – $1250.00+

With the real possibility of a workplace injury and other medical emergencies it’s best to be proactive rather than reactive. Being proactive means that you prepare and implement an Emergency Response Team (ERT/MERT) while at the same time anticipating the types of emergencies you’re likely to encounter.

This will help insure that your team gets the right training and the right equipment to provide the immediate and temporary care to an ill or injured coworker, visitor or contractor. 

Life SafetyPro HQ provides expert consultation in the development, maintenance and retention of your response team and response equipment/supplies.  We provide comprehensive support and all the necessary tools to build an effective ERT/MERT infrastructure at a very attractive cost. 

We will take what may seem to be a daunting task and build a controllable, effective ERT/MERT structure that can be managed by a selected individual within your company without the typical huge time commitment. We are available for ongoing support including biannual/annual updates as needed. 

Whether your company is a low or high-hazard environment, we all know emergencies will occur. OSHA regulations (CFR 1910.151 (b): in the absence of workplace medical professionals or a clinic/hospital or 9-1-1 response within close proximity (meaning within 3-4 minutes) of the ill or injured person OSHA requires businesses to provide at least basic CPR and First aid training to selected employees. Also, additional site-risk training is often needed.

Many companies rely on meeting OSHA’s close proximity criteria via their local Fire Department / Paramedics some located within a few blocks. Check out our Blog for a detailed article on “Do you really need an Emergency Response Team”.

Frankly, that doesn’t always work so well. The Fire Department / Paramedics that may be stationed just a few blocks away could be on another call and simply not available for your emergency. Meaning, it may take a whole lot longer for emergency response personnel to arrive at your site since in this case they are likely to be further away.

Just arriving at your site doesn’t account for the additional time it will take for them to actually get to your ill or injured employee. You see it really doesn’t matter when 9-1-1 personnel get to your building, it only matters when they go hands-on with the victim. Time is often the enemy.

That’s where your trained ERT/MERT comes in. They can get to the victim quicker and provide basic life-saving care prior to professionals arriving.  An established ERT/MERT team is one of the few methods to help insure an ill or injured employee will receive the needed basic care within the required three-minute window that OSHA is requiring.

Purpose of an ERT/MERT Team

ERT/MERT members provide temporary basic lifesaving care to sick or injured employees, visitors or contractors at your workplace until more advanced medical personnel arrive on the scene.

Team members are certainly not expected to act like doctors or nurses, and it is critical that they know where they fit into the larger safety picture within your company and the 9-1-1 system. Their training should include how to work as a team and with any onsite medical professionals like a nurse or an Emergency Medical Technician. Life SafetyPro HQ provides a complete training plan based on your site(s) risks and overall safety goals. 

How many team members do you need?

To help determine the number of ERT/MERT members that are needed at your site(s), you have to factor in a few things. The number of shifts you have, how many employees are on each shift, how large your site is, your expected risks, etc.  A quick and dirty method is to briskly walk from one point at your site to the furthest point and time it. Should it take more than three-minutes, you simply need more team members between your starting and ending points. This method will also help determine where to place your response equipment as well.  Life SafetyPro HQ has an custom algorithm that factors in; distance/time for 9-1-1 to arrive; mean age of your employees and how that relates to the type of medical emergencies to expect; the type of risks that can be anticipated (from safety and emergency issues like a fire, hazardous materials incident and various medical emergencies, etc.); size of your site; complexity and the number of floors for each of your buildings. All this and more to determine the number of team members needed, the type of training that should be done and how often, and the type of equipment and supplies needed, etc.

How to build or rebuild your ERT/MERT

Volunteers are the most common chosen team members. However, there are other effective ways to build your team. We have the experience, know-how and tools to assist you in starting, building and retaining your team.

Life SafetyPro HQ takes the guesswork out of forming your ERT/MERT

Support includes:

  • Control Methods: forms, spreadsheets and templates for team management
  • Core training titles and ongoing skills training titles
  • Team member activation and deactivation procedures
  • ERT/MERT orientation booklet development
  • ERT/MERT saturation strategies – just how many response team members are really needed?
  • Manager/supervisor team member approval form
  • Recruitment and retention strategies
  • The right type and amount of response equipment, supplies and restocking procedures
  • Incident notification methods – so you team know the 5 W’s – What, Who, Why, When, Where
  • Emergency response procedures for anticipated incidents specific to your site.
  • Team member selection approval form
  • Various checklists; to manage your ERT/MERT infrastructure


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**Due to a no compete agreement, expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January  1,  2022.