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Safety Managers, we feel your pain

Relief is ahead, just scroll down a bit

Here are a few of the challenges that Safety Managers face…

Wearing too many hats?
Getting employees’ involvement takes a herculean effort.
Not enough time?
Keeping up with The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is a constant endeavor.
Not enough administrative support, if any.
It's an uphill battle getting senior management support.
Not enough budget.
Finding a trustworthy, cost effective, competent and supportive vendor.

As a Safety Manager, you’re also likely wearing the hats below!

Do you feel like a lawyer?

Constantly working to stay current regarding The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) related to your industry.

Do you feel like an accountant?

Pinching pennies, stretching what little budget you have and always needing to prove that your safety program actually saves the company money.

Do you feel like the enforcer?

Trying to get your employees to follow safe work practices.

Do you feel like you’re hitting your head against a wall?

Trying to get senior management to embrace a robust safety culture.

Are you tired of overpriced, underperforming safety vendors, broken promises, shoddy work and limited support? 

All this sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it?

How about honesty, integrity and hard work. Simple… partner with a vendor that will do what they signed up to do. 
Life SafetyPro HQ

The Solution


Life SafetyPro HQ provides added value at no cost with step-by-step implementation plans for all our products and services. 

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Written Plans

There’s more to it than putting an effective written plan together. Yes, Life SafetyPro HQ develops affordable, OSHA compliant and quality written workplace safety and emergency plans for business and industry.  We do not offer cookie-cutter or fill-in the blanks written plans. All of our written plans are site and risk-specific. Each plan meets or exceeds local, State and Federal Regulations, they are technically sound and grammatically correct. But, it doesn’t end there… Written plans have to work, they have to be effectively implemented, otherwise it’s just paper without substance.    Learn more.

Evacuation Maps

For most buildings, evacuation maps are required and typically part of your overall risk assessment. Of course they must also be current.  Life SafetyPro HQ provides turnkey support; from working on your existing CAD drawings and PDF’s, or converting hand drawings of your site.  Learn more.

Emergency Response Team Resources

Our Emergency Preparedness and Response resources provide guidance and a step-by-step plans on how to design, develop, and determine the number of team members needed and the best way to select them,  Additionally, the type of training classes and response equipment that will be needed. All this and more to prepare your team for various site emergencies and the hazards to be aware of when an emergency occurs.  Learn more.

Online Respirator Medical Clearance

Respirator Protection is one of the top 10 most cited OSHA violations. This product is specifically designed to make compliance effortless at an affordable cost.  Learn more.

A Short Story On How We Started


Workers looking at demo site

I was the founder and CEO of a highly successful emergency and safety training company based in California.  After 33 years I sold the business to an employee and took some well-deserved time off to smell the roses and recharge. To my surprise I found that retirement for me is not really living. I’m just simply not ready. 

Well, that’s enough of the roses and the batteries are now fully charged. I’m jumping in again and started a new endeavor. I’m energized to bring fresh life to the very specific group of services outlined on this web site. Michael Sheehan

**Due to a non-compete agreement, expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January 1, 2022. 

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Call Toll Free: 800-594-9992 or email us for additional support, knowledge, techniques and strategies.

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**Due to a no compete agreement, expert consultation and selected services for the safety and emergency response arena cannot be supported within the state of California until January  1,  2022.